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  Fotolia_5370136_XS1_zps4b4cd79dFHWC1_zps216ab547-1_zps55b48975Mercifully, the shortest month is once again designated the Family History Writing Challenge by Lynn of The Armchair Genealogist.  I’ll be writing the whole month…how about you? I can never get the nifty embedded links thing to work, so instead, I have to spell them out in all ugliness…sorry…but if you’ve never visited with the Armchair herself…it’ll be worth the archaic way that I link to her ;) http://www.thearmchairgenealogist.comManifesto4

I usually  have a lot of projects going all at the same time, so these months of self-imposed discipline are a great way for me to get focused without slowing down.  Each November I participate in the infamous NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and/or the BloPoWriMo which is the blogger’s version (Blog Post Writing Month).  So when February rolls around, I feel guilty and “delinquenty” if I don’t jump in on the Family History writing-specific bandwagon.  Of course this year I have a few extra things going too (oh doesn’t everyone) so it will be a bit less “leisurely” for me than in previous years.

In addition to this blog, I keep up a few privately written ones for my own various family branches, do a parent-connect blog for my kid’s high school,  another for my son’s Lacrosse team, help edit and do developmental work for the Catholic Writer’s Guild site, chair an ambitious book club and speaker series in my diocese, read and review books for the a national review/ fiction network and work on my own fiction and non-fiction writing career.  I sit on the Board of Regents for our High School, and I maintain an advisory roll for one of our Mayor’s Charter Schools (targeted for kids who are in recovery from alcohol or drug dependence).  I would really love to work as an Executive Director for a Non Profit who does exceptional good works..alas, I haven’t found the right one yet (the one who will have me).  I crochet pink stuff for women who are my sisters in the cause of surviving and battling breast cancer, I worry about the wrinkles I’m getting, and I eat too much chocolate.  I also dote over my granddaughter and my near equally spoiled Golden Retriever.  I rarely do housework but pick up after myself and order others to do the same, which seems to work out ok.

So as February inches toward me, ready or not, I feel a bit sloth-like.  I have 2 more earned badges / awards to address and piles of size 2 jeans which my “hiness” will never see the inside of again.  Lent starts in a couple of weeks and I haven’t considered anything as an offering yet.  liebster-award2team_award

I guess if I thought about it long enough, I could come up with a ba-jillion more reasons that I really can not, should not, dare not commit to writing a few hundred extra words each day starting tomorrow…but what fun would that be?

So as a way to keep myself on task…and to be a responsible blog writer… I will be using each Wednesday of February as a check in day :)  I will post what I deem to be my best work from the previous week’s Family History Writing Challenge.  I will also pledge to get caught up on all the dangling stuff I have about me…badges, awards, responses, deadlines, and a trip to the resale boutique to bid  size 2 Ralph Lauren farewell…let’s just say we’ve grown apart.

So what do ya say?  Click on the pretty typewriter picture and give this 28 days of crazy a spin!  We all have our reasons to be busy…why not add one more…and make it fun :)