The Devil’s Calderon Just Won’t Stay Put!


Today, I’ve posted a story

–well of course it is true–

over on the blog Share Boone Stories.

Its about two very different communities. Both are places I’ve called home at one time or another. But mostly, its about the weird, gigantic piece of cast sculpture they’ve shared.


The stuff you can dig up without trying!

I hope you’ll check it out. Especially if you like Baseball, Shopping, Funerary Art, Mysteries, Syphilis, or things made by Tiffany’s


Is it Spring Yet?


We Have a Winner! –actually 3!

 Thanks to everyone who entered our little “Win a Free Book” fest!  Copies of John Daffurn’s Book Seeking John Campbell will be going out far and wide from here in Mom-land.

The drawing was quite scientific. I printed out a screen shot of all the comments and “likes” from each of the sites entries were made on. This included my personal Face Book page, The Catholic Writer’s Guild, Genealogy Bloggers, ISFHWE, Goodreads, and my own home, here, at “Maybe someone should write that down…”

If you “liked” the post as your entry, one copy of your Gravatar went into the fish bowl (it was actually a coffee can if we want full and true disclosure). Commenting on the post earned two copies of your Gravatar thrown into the can–uh–fish bowl. Some clever and unruly sorts did both commenting and liking. And, others entered their chances on more than one of the sites. I probably should have disqualified them for their sneaky-naughtyness, but I thought it was pretty darned clever and I commended their effort by allowing the extras of their Gravatars into the fluff of tiny pix to be drawn from.

Then, I turned Dollbaby loose, and let her work her fingers through the confetti at the bottom of the can–dang it!–fish bowl.

This seemed like a GREAT idea. However, it then took me hours to trace the pictures and the names back to the sources and contact all the winners. I am now beginning to understand the gist of the expression “Sometimes the best laid plans…” Well, you get the point!

So, the copies will be posted this afternoon and will soon be in the hands of able and eager readers who I hope will check back in to give us all a review–or at least to throw in their 2cents worth! Thanks Author John Daffurn for sharing your work from across the pond. I know I enjoyed reading it, and I learned a little something about how “not” to conduct a give-away drawing 😉

One copy is headed to Neil in New York State

 another to Barbara in Frankfurt Germany

and lastly one to Luanne in California via Kalamazoo!

 Far and wide indeed, kind of thrilling when you think about it…Maybe someone should write that down…